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What is Dynamic Edge?


Dynamic Edge is a targeted, customized,

In-house Communication/Advertising medium

that uses your existing flat-screen TV's to help you promote your brand, message, products and services to the best customers of all; those that you already have on your premises, spending money.


Large organizations use Dynamic Edge to communicate to their employees and branch offices, worldwide. Colleges and universities use it to communicate with students across campuses.


From simple, very affordable, single screen displays, to extensive worldwide networks that include dozens or even hundreds of localized programs, Dynamic Edge provides you with an affordable, scalable platform (and dynamic content) to get your message across to your clients.

We use combinations of text, graphics, animation, pre-recorded or live video content, to inform, entertain and provide the perfect marketing message to any targeted audience.


We provide everything you need - the expertise, hardware, dynamic content and remote management.


We don't use dull, ineffective, cookie-cutter templates.

Your content is 100% customized to promote your brand, products, special events, and services.


And it's completely flexible. Screens can be divided into up to seventeen individual, fully customizable  zones.

Each zone can display video, motion graphics, animations, images, anything!

We can display on screens of any physical size, and they can be oriented either vertically or horizontally.


Besides displaying on wall-mounted screens, we can create interactive displays and kiosks using touch-screens, and also use small video displays in unique, eye-catching configurations to match any environment.

Video walls can also be created to display your message on a large scale.

Our player is simply retrofitted to your existing video screens or distribution network - no expensive upgrades required.


Content can be displayed in a continuous loop, or scheduled to run only at certain times (for example, promoting upcoming special events, Happy Hour and Dinner specials, etc).


In addition to displaying your promotional content locally, we’ll show you how to embed it into your company’s web site, further extending the reach of your message to the world. It displays live, simultaneously!


A Forester Research, Inc study found restaurant digital signage increased sales by 5% to 30%.

Every business can use increased sales.


This state-of-the-art technology is the fastest growing segment in advertising.

The great news is that we make it affordable, easy, and we do it all for you, remotely – allowing you to focus on running your business.


We’ll show you ways this can easily pay for itself, plus improve your bottom-line.

You get an amazing promotional display system using screens you already own, improving your business and increasing your profits.


Dynamic Edge is a remotely managed service. That means the signage player on your premises is managed by us off-site, through our secure servers via the Internet. Should your internet connection become unavailable, your player is designed to continue running independently, seamlessly. Your content is stored locally on your player, updated only when necessary over the internet connection.


What can I show?  Add live Sports Tickers, Sports Channel lineups, almost anything you can think of.

Your content can be almost any format: text, animations, graphics, video, and RSS data feeds, for example. You are free to use content you have created, (we'll help you adapt it) or we can take your information and create dynamic promotional pages for you.








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