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Dynamic Edge in Hotels/Resorts, Restaurants and Bars Today, it’s fairly common to walk into a hotel lobby, restaurant or bar and see multiple flat-screen displays showing sports and news broadcasts to their customers. More and more hotels, restaurants and bars are taking full advantage of digital displays to promote specials, up-sell additional items, enhance the dining atmosphere and inform customers about community events, while reducing perceived wait times. A recent study commissioned by SeaSaw Networks, a U.S. company that provides media
planning and buying technology on a national scale, showed just how effective digital signage can be in comparison to other media (measured in percentage). Quick Stats: t Consumers are 10-times more likely to observe dynamic media than static – IBM Research
t Results from restaurant digital signage shown to increase sales by 5% to 30% - Forester Research, Inc.
t As much as 70% of the consumer buying decision occurs just prior to or at the time of purchase – KPMG Study
t More than 50% of adults take action as a result of digital signage – Out-of-Home Marketing Association of Canada
t After offering promotions via digital signage, one hardware retailer with 130 locations saw purchase increases of: 23%, interior paint; 45%, smoke detectors; 178%, air filters - Bright Signs/National Retail Hardware Assn. case study, April 2012
t Digital signage reduces perceived wait times in medical offices by as much as 50% - Arbitron
t Digital signage is credited with increasing: brand awareness: 47.7%, purchase amount: 29.5%, sales volumes: 31.8%, in-store traffic: 32.8% - Digital Signage: Software, Networks, Advertising and displays: A Primer for Understanding the Business (NAB Executive Technology Briefings) While mass-media products such as print ads are great for reaching a large group of people, they also use the shotgun effect - it hits many people, but how many who saw the ad were actually in your target audience? How many spend money in your establishment? Many business owners focus their promotion efforts on trying to bring in new customers, while ignoring the potential for increasing their sales to customers already in the door. This untapped potential is where Dynamic Edge shines.
Dynamic Edge is targeted media. You have full control what your audience sees and experiences. Since they are already on your premises, you know you are reaching your actual target audience. You choose the time and location for an immediate call to action. Dynamic Edge delivers targeted, relevant, real-time promotion that keeps your customer engaged with your products and services. It compels your customers to spend more money, now. Enhance Your Brand
From a marketing perspective in general, brand recognition is one of the most important features to establish
as a business, no matter what industry. Brand recognition builds trust with the consumer – trust in relation to strong customer service, quality products
and accountability. Every restaurateur knows that product and quality service is what keeps their customers coming back, and an effective way to convey those values to your new and returning customers is through digital signage. A consistent promotional message in establishment is an effective way to market your brand, whether it’s to benefit the national marketing of a parent company, or to positively project the localized brand of your family-run establishment. As a branding tool, there is no question that digital signage is the most effective medium, bar none. The Benefits of Digital Signage
There are many benefits digital signage can bring to any hotel, restaurant or bar environment. It is a very important tool when addressing the bottom line, boosting customer satisfaction, and increasing sales. Over the last few years, thousands of restaurants and bars have recognized the value of digital signage and thousands more are looking to implement a digital signage solution. Some hesitate when faced with perceived expense, and lack of information. The reality is Digital Signage easily pays for itself, with the increased revenues generated by up-selling your high-profit items and events. In addition, many digital signage users co-op with suppliers, having them fund the system cost by promoting supplier products as part of the restaurant or bar’s promotional campaign. Hotel / Resort Benefits
Most hotels / resorts have restaurants and bars on site, so receive the benefits as we've discussed. Hotels also make use of Dynamic Edge as a private information channel on their internal cable TV networks.
Their signage campaign shows up as a channel that visitors view from their rooms when they're trying to get their bearings about what's available in the area. It's an excellent way to promote the restaurants, bars, activities and special events on the hotel property, and it works full-time, promoting your products and services. It's a powerful tool for informing your guests of the amenities available on-site, and keeping them on-site. It's also a great way to promote upcoming specials and discounts, further encouraging return visits, providing you with increased profits. Promote your spa, tennis lessons, golf, sailing trips, etc.
Dynamic Edge is also used by hotels in lobbies, lounges, and other gathering places as a guide to help visitors find specific locations on the property. Screens can be outfitted with touch capability, to allow the viewer to look up information as a self-service kiosk. Decrease Perceived Wait Times
The restaurant and bar environment is often a busy one. Have you ever had a customer walk out
after they were told the wait time could be as much as 30 minutes? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to engage those customers who have to wait for a table in your dining establishment? Digital signage is just the solution to address this wait-time dilemma. Digital signage acts as an effective tool to entertain and engage your customers while they wait. With the right mix of product promotion and entertaining content, that wait time will seem to disappear to that hungry customer who has been positively distracted, thanks to your digital signage solution. Not only can you entertain these clients while they wait, but a digital signage solution can also effectively promote your products and specials, future promotions, and enhance the atmosphere of your establishment, turning a wait-time into a good time. Digital signage reduces perceived wait times in medical offices by as much as 50% - Arbitron
Recent studies have shown digital signage works in more ways than one when it comes to addressing perceived wait times:
• Customer’s perceived wait-times decreased 33-50%
• Increases sales at an average of 5-30%
• Effective in promoting special items, promotions, slow-moving inventory Upsell and Promote in QSRs
Look at Tim Horton’s, Subway, Burger King or McDonalds and you will see how digital signage solutions
function and benefit a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) setting. The increasing popularity of digital menu boards and POS displays inside a QSR is no accident. Digital signage, with its visually stunning presentation, is very effective at promoting tasty food items, and up-selling additional menu items that may not have even been considered by your customers. Full Service restaurants also use digital menu boards to display dynamic content and entice potential customers to enter their premises. There are multiple benefits for QSRs looking to take advantage digital menu boards:
• Present interactive display dealing with nutritional information
• Increase the success of promotional items
• Engage your customers quickly and effectively
• Easily meet requirements and stay up to date with nutritional guideline updates
• Eliminate or decrease printing costs
• Immediately update changes in menu items and prices
• Deliver employee training messages when establishment is closed
• Accommodate multiple day-parting of menu – ensuring the correct information is conveyed to customers at the right time of day (target customers by month, day, hour and location) Benefits to the Customer
• Increased understanding of items offered by your establishment
• Improved efficiency of order process and reduction of perceived wait times
• Enhance or introduce entertainment into the dining experience
• Improve communications between customer and staff resulting in greater customer satisfaction Benefits for the Restaurant
• Increase in return customers due to the improved understanding of menu offerings and better communications between customers and staff, resulting in a high-quality dining experience.
• Lower overhead due to reduction in number of staff required and the decrease in those associated costs (training)
• Increased sales returns due to improved order efficiency and increased up-sells of promoted items and specials.




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