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An EASY way to: Ø Sell more of your high-margin products Ø Increase brand awareness with your customers Ø Focus on your business while improving the bottom line Dynamic Edge gives you your own, compelling, in-house promotional video channel that engages your customer’s attention, keeps them interested in learning about what you’re selling, and subtlety highlights ways they can spend more money in your establishment. It’s like having a full-time salesperson, quietly working to promote your brand, message and products to your customers. • Use your flat-screen TV's to engage your customers and make it easier for your employees to sell more, increasing your profits! • Our unique VideoWrapÔ technology lets you enhance your existing TV programming - giving you previously unused screen space to customize and add things like: P Happy Hour / Meal Specials!
P Live Sports or News Tickers! P Sports Channel Lineups!
P Special Events!
P Entertainment calendars... ANY content you can think of, can be added to your existing LIVE TV screens! • No boring, repetitive templates here - content is 100% customized to promote your business - use as little or as much screen space as you like. • Make rapid updates, change errors quickly! • Create time-aware promotions that take advantage of the changing time of day - automatically! • Make your flat panel TVs work for you, increasing your bottom line! It's Hassle-free - we do it all for you!


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